Editorial Board

The Editorial Board Members for JBB are as followed:


Dr. Keikhosro Karimi
Isfahan University of Technology, Iran

Associate Editors:

Dr. Ananda Amarasekara
Prairie View A&M University, United States

Dr. Animesh Dutta
University of Guelph, Canada

Dr. Anahita Eckard
Cobalt Technologies, United States

Dr. Gergely Forgacs
University of Bath, United Kingdom

Dr. Zhen Fang
McGill University, Canada

Dr. Patricia Harvey
The University of Greenwich, United Kingdom

Dr. Umakanta Jena
Desert Research Institute, United States

Dr. Mingjie Jin
Michigan State University, United States

Dr. Rajeev Kumar
University of California, Riverside, United States

Dr. John Chi-Wei Lan
Yuan Ze University, Taiwan

Dr. Christopher James Rhodes
Director of Fresh-lands Environmental Actions, United Kingdom

Dr. Gail Taylor
University of Southampton, United Kingdom

Dr. Fengqi You
Northwestern University, United States

Dr. Jianglong Yu
University of Science and Technology Liaoning, China